Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Theatre Tag!

Hello fellow thespians! Today, I will be doing the Theatre Tag for you! I got these questions off of Theatre Kid Things on Youtube, but I have also been following her on instagram for a while and I really like her posts and videos, so check her out!

1. When did you start getting into theatre?
   I think it was the summer in between 2nd and 3rd grade.
2. How many shows have you been?
   I’m also committed to my Destination ImagiNation and dance teams so I haven’t been able to do as many I would hope, but I believe I’ve been in 13 shows, both plays and musicals.
3. Favorite role ever played?
   My favorite role I’ve ever played is probably Lucy Van Pelt in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown because the songs were fun to sing and it wasn’t the type of character I was used to playing.
4. A tip you always give to new theatre kids?
    Read your script every night before you go to bed because you always remember things when you read them before you sleep.
5. Biggest theatre pet peeves?
   Hanger stealers, bobby pin stealers, people that talk back to the director, stage manager, crew etc., and people that cause more drama back stage than on stage.
6. Biggest strengths? Biggest weaknesses?
   I would have to say dance is one of my strengths because I’ve been dancing since I was two. One of my weaknesses is really high notes because I get super bad allergies; my nose is always congested and post nasal drip is through the roof so anything over a high B flat I usually can’t hit unless I take this terrible tasting medicine, which I usually forget to do.
7. Who is your biggest inspiration in theatre?
  One of my theatre inspirations is probably my voice teacher. She used to be a professional actress and an opera singer and she always pushes me to do my best.
8. What's your dream role?
  Some of my dream roles are Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Tracey in Hairspray, Elphaba in Wicked, Eponine in Les Miserables, Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and more.
9. Plays or musicals?
   Musicals because I like the idea of just spontaneously breaking out into song.
10. Favorite improv game?
    My favorite improv game is this one where it takes place at a school and someone is late. I dont know the actual name, but there is a late student, a teacher and two students already in class. The two students already in class have to act something out while the late student is trying to answer two questions: why were you late? & How did you get to school?
11. What's your favorite show?
      I have so many favorites but I’m currently obsessing over Frozen. I know it’s not on Broadway, but I have a feeling it will be.
12. Most awkward onstage moment?
     My most awkward on stage moment was when I invented a word. It was in ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. I had the line “I love you all too,” but on opening and closing night I said “I love you guys too,” and since “guys” wasn’t used in the 1800s, I invented a word.
13. Best off stage moment?
     One of the best offstage moments I’ve had was during ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. To avoid boredom backstage, I brought coloring books, not knowing that I had previously colored in them when I was younger. One of them was a Christmas themed Sesame Street coloring book. There was one page where it said to write a letter to Santa. Since I was about three when I wrote it, the only word I could understand reading it now was “dool bar.” Now, I had no clue what a dool bar is or what it was supposed to be so I asked some of my castmates. After reading it, all of them laughed. We had a Secret Santa going on in the cast because it was around Christmas, so everyone joked around that they were going to get me a dool bar.
14. Most challenging role to play?
     I haven’t had a necessarily had a challenging role, but there have been some where I had to take a little longer to get used to the character.
15. What would you do if theatre didn't exist?
     I would die.

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